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I'm a farmer's wife in outback Australia who enjoys reading. I'm just getting into e-books and reviewing but so far it's been a whole lot of fun!

A Whole Lot of Fun

The Barbershop Girl - Georgina Penney

I'm not a girly girl, in fact I'm not really a fashion fan at all. The closest I get to dressing up and putting on makeup is usually brushing my hair and cramming my jeans in the dryer to get the creases out before I go to town but I genuinely enjoyed this book.


Amy Blaine is a farm girl at heart, even though she has been living in Perth, Western Australia a long time by the time the reader meets her. She owns a beauty salon and barber shop that sounds like something from a 1950s movie and loves 50s fashion. She is unlucky in love as well but all that changes when a British journalist, Ben comes on the scene. He immediately finds Amy interesting and starts writing about her in his UK newspaper column without her knowing, mistakenly thinking she'll be fine with it. As you can expect, she's not and it leads to one of the most satisfying happy endings I've ever read.


I think the big reason I enjoyed this book so much was the humour and Gerald, the sleepy bulldog. He is such a character, he stole every scene he was in.



5 stars from me.